What time management and time tracking is all about

Time management is basically about how you can consciously control how you spend your time on different activities through planning and following through in order to maximize time for productivity, creativity and effectiveness. Time tracking is just about measuring and putting into record the hours spent on different things so that you can account for how productive you have been so far. Time is one universal and inestimable value we all possess in the same quantity but we determine the quality of how we spend and manage it. There are a lot of things that contend for our time but what we need is the skill of time management together with time tracking to make the best use of it all. There is the saying that "Time is money" which in many ways is actually true but I dare say that time in many situations has greater worth than money. Take for example, a patient being rushed to the Emergency needs few seconds still breathing to be sustained else he is gone. So we can say Time is life, it cannot be squandered anyhow.

It is quite delusional to think that sitting for hours watching reality shows can actually make a person become better in productivity or even in simple day to day activities. However, amongst many other things that leads to time wastage is the emergence of reality shows. Reality shows such as Love World, Big Brother and many others. Of course, you have heard of them and you probably are a big fan of such shows. I must say that you must be living outside civilization for you not to know anything about such showsl. The point here is the effect these shows have on people in the aspect of their time management. It is quite addictive for so many people once the shows resume their seasons. This has a terrible blow on how productive and creative they are with their time both with the time management and time tracking.

Statistics show that about 70% of the population in the United States spend hours watching reality shows and what is even more shocking is that not only Americans are like this but all over the world. It is quite alarming the countless number of hours of millions or even billions of the world population that gets wasted on reality shows. These same long hours could have gone into good hours of productivity and high creativity. One crucial thing about time is that, once its gone, it is forever gone no getting that exact time back again. Most times what people don't understand is that to them its just two or three hours or even more in a day, it's not too much for fun and relaxation but they do not seem to understand that the cumulative of those few hours in a day makes up years of wasted time. Reality shows really ruins time management and you can easily lose track of time.

It has also been discovered that Reality TV shows tend to be quite unhealthy mentally for participants and same with viewers. Experts and researchers found that being on reality shows such as MasterChef can be traumatic for the participants, still they also have negative effects on the viewers as well. Apart from the time wasted on watching, you come back damaged mentally from such shows. Then you will need to embark on a journey for recovery from such trauma, thereby wasting not just time but also resources.

Okay, let's be realistic with ourselves here, there is nothing really bad in relaxing after a long hard day's work with a reality show while you're on your couch but you need to apply discipline together with some time management. You need to be scheduled with the time that you can free up to watch. But the reason why it really ruins time management and time tracking is because it can be addictive or over captivating that you are curious to know what happens next since it is not a movie that you can actually pause and watch later. Seeing how it is this way, it is advisable that you just let it go and find something else that really interests you.

For more emphasis, I once had a friend who was really into reality shows so much, Big Brother to be precise. Once the show begins, she is stuck with the TV. The funny part was that the show became a factor to determine when she is going out and when she needs to be back home to watch the show. Her life simply revolved around getting updated with whatever is happening. I think to say something like, "Get a life!" is quite appropriate. You can be sure that her productivity and attention to her school work drastically reduced which will also lead to her getting poor results. This is just an example among millions of lives that get stuck or trapped daily with reality shows. The fact is that if you must get the best of your life and time, you need to know and choose what you want and follow what's really good for you.

How to keep up with your time management

One very effective way for you to ensure that time management works for you is to prepare a list for yourself. Try to exhaust all that you really need to do for that day in the list. You can do this the night before, then arrange them in the order of priority, however, in your list you should have a time set apart for fun after your work is done or in between breaks. After you have arranged your list in the order of priority, you're ready for the next day. You must understand that to get these things done, you need to focus, be disciplined and persistent. You cannot completely avoid distraction coming your way but you can keep it out of your head, so be prepared. One of such distractions is Reality shows which can really drain out hours of your time. Another thing is time tracking, while preparing your list you should be mindful that you schedule a particular amount of time for each work so that you can keep track of time for each activity you are into. But you can easily lose track of time when you get yourself engrossed with Reality shows.


The most important thing in all these is for you to really make the best use of your time for maximum productivity and creativity while blocking every leakages and openings such as Reality shows and many other distractions. Time management is the way to increase your productivity and your creativity, together with adequate Time tracking to measure your productive hours.